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Our Team.


Meet our amazing diverse talents!

Daniela Boneva

Founder and Chairman

Jana Kormilina

Graphics Designer

Abdelgader Idris

Lead Web Developer

Lucas Ayman

Creative Director

Adam Rakha

Marketing Coordinator

Georgi Rizov

Sales Executive



"Shoutout to the amazing folks at DGB Technology! They were there for us every step of the way, making sure everything was perfect. Seriously, couldn't have asked for better support!"

Jhon Partkinson Designation

"Big thanks to DGB Technology for saving the day! Quick response, quick fix, and back to business as usual. Can't thank them enough for being such rock stars!"

Alexa June Designation

"DGB Technology treated us like family! They listened to our concerns, worked tirelessly on our project, and delivered results that blew us away. Truly above and beyond!"

Ben Arthur Designation